What is Trackster?

Trackster is a virtual music creation factory. What does that mean? Think of it like this: Trackster is where you go to turn a bunch of your raw song tracks into spectacular sounding, potentially timeless recordings, ready for immediate distribution.

It’s where you go to fully realize all those almost-finished sessions or great scratch tracks. It’s where you go to work with the real geniuses of the music industry; the super-talented artists and audio pros actually making and capturing the musical performances. Inspired songwriters everywhere, amazing session players waiting to be discovered; engineers with great mics, amps and equipment, great rooms, and tried-and-true techniques; world renowned mixing and mastering experts; obsessive, compulsive sound geeks.

Hello – We are just now ready to meet you . . . here in September 2017, almost four years and three major development cycles into our journey. But we did it right. We got tons of guidance from studio owners and session pros, big and small producers, rehearsal room owners, dreamers, the disgruntled and rebels who want to change everything.

We made some mistakes and hopefully learned from them. Bad assumptions, rabbit holes. Over-building.

Happy now and think we are getting it right.

We are a technology company, trying not to think like one. The founders are all obsessed musicians. Gearheads. Technology and music creation are almost complete opposite mindsets. Change all the time versus skills honed gradually and minutely over time.

Simple is better; proven, scalable technology, easy-to-use, intuitive. We believe in the power of collaboration. We want to build something that is open, flexible and can fit into any artist’s creative process, and any audio pro’s schedule.

Trackster is a bit like Dropbox™ and Hightail™, but made solely for music creation. Upload and store your big sound files securely in our Cloud and easily collaborate; with your friends and family, your fans, your favorite pros, your music school or with a massive global community of artists and experts.
> We make it easy to upload files off your computer
>Uploads and downloads are lightning fast
>Organize, edit and delete files with the click of a mouse
>Add and delete collaborators as you need them

We’re a bit like eBay™. Turn your talents as a musician, songwriter, audio pro or recording industry professional into an online business in minutes.
>We give you all the tools you need to promote your talent
>A global ecosystem of customers and collaborators
>Create your own offerings, at your own price
>Secure online payment

We’re a bit like Uber™. We use the Internet to improve the experience of a largely manual service.
>In Uber’s case, the experience of taking you from here to there. In Trackster’s case, the experience of taking sound quality from good to great.

We’re a bit like Airbnb™. Our platform gives access to highly coveted places not fully utilized.
>Take advantage of excess capacity in the world’s great recording rooms
>We promote collaboration between multiple pro studios and music creators

Why are we doing it? There will be a paradigm shift in music creation. We want to be in the middle of it. We believe it will unleash a pent-up wave of creativity, millions of new, spectacularly recorded songs that would not have otherwise been made.

We believe that partnering with the music creation community presents a massive opportunity to change the economic balance of power in the music industry. An industry that currently exploits the highly-talented but also highly deconstructed community that creates all the magic.

Trackster is free to join. Check it out and try it for yourself. Sign up at  www.gotrackster.com